Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I have brown rice, so what should I have for supper?

The nice thing about a Protective Diet Premium membership is that you can search recipes by ingredients. For example, tonight I  had a lot of brown rice made up ahead. I wanted to use for supper, so I searched for brown rice on the PD website to see what I could make.

I found that I had the ingredients for Roasted Squash Curry. This is actually a free recipe on the site so anyone can create a login and get the recipe. She has an option to use pumpkin puree, so I actually used that instead of squash.

It was a delicious, tasty and healthy rice dish. It makes a lot, so I will have leftovers for a couple days. Bonus!

If you are new to Protective Diet, you have to create a login to see her yummy recipes. She has two types of recipes on the site: free and premium. I invite you to create a free login on the Protective Diet site to try her free healthy recipes. I'm confident that you will love them like me.

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