Saturday, March 14, 2015

Traveling on a Protective Diet

I think one of the largest challenges I've had so far was traveling on a Protective Diet. I was traveling by airplane with other non protective diet family members, so I think that added complexity to my trip.

To prepare for m y plane ride, I made P.D. banana bread into muffins instead of bread. Also, I took peanut butter sandwiches for my son, peeled oranges and bananas. I loaded these up in my carry on so we didn't have to grab any fast food from the airport since we had one layover.

Once we landed, we had a rental car, so we could travel around the town. My sister and I made a visit to the nearest grocery store. I picked up lots of bottled water, fresh fruits, veggies, salsa and tortilla chips to snack on. My hotel room had a fridge, so I also bought some boxed soy milk and a box of old fashioned rolled oats. My breakfast each morning was a large bowl of soaked oats with banana and a banana bread muffin. During the day, I snacked on a lettuce salad w/ salsa and the fruits/veggies. In the evenings we either went out to eat at a restaurant or ordered in. I just tried to make the best decisions I could off the menu available.

I'm happy with sticking pretty closely to a protective diet on my trip. It was a challenge, but I feel good about how it turned out.

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