Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Rice Milk

Rice Milk is a dairy alternative. You can buy rice milk from the store or make it on your own at home. So far, I've only ever made it at home. It's very easy to make and very inexpensive. You don't have to pre-soak the rice like I've seen for some homemade nut milks. I've found simple recipes on-line that use only two ingredients: rice and water.

How much does the recipe cost?

I believe it cost me less than 50 cents to make somewhere between 2- 3 cups of rice milk. (Sometimes I make is stronger or weaker (by one cup of water), depending on what recipe I'm using it in. I buy my rice online either at Vita-Cost or Amazon.

How long does it take and what tools do I need? 

If I had a high speed blender, this process wouldn't take very long. I don't have a high speed blender, so it probably takes me about 10 minutes to pull of the blender, measure, blend and strain.You can either use a nut bag or a paint strainer. I picked up a one gallon paint strainer that I use(as shown above). I store my rice milk in a glass container in the fridge.

How do I use rice milk?

On the Protective Diet website, Julie often lists the option to use unsweetened soy milk or rice milk. I use rice milk whenever I can to save costs. I make it ahead and store it in the fridge until it's time to use in my recipe. You will need to shake it up as it tends to settle in the jar. I sometimes use it with oatmeal, but not very often.

Where do I find recipes to make rice milk?

Protective Diet has both a written recipe and a video for making rice milk. She starts with dry rice.
Don't Waste the Crumbs has a rice milk video that starts with cooked rice. I've only tried the Protective Diet recipe so far and it's worked for me.

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